Monday, May 23, 2011

A note to self.

Assalamua'laikum wbt..

Ada beberapa kunci bahagia dalam kehidupan.

1) Redha dengan apa yang berlaku, terima je, hadap je. Sabar je. Give yourself sometime if you fall, then pick yourself up.

2) Syukur dengan apa yang ada. Despite the bitterness that you have to swallow, just remember..there are many people out there who would wish to exchange place with you.

3) Life goes up, life goes down. One thing for sure, life goes on. So takpe. Kalau malam tu berakhir dengan kesedihan, esok masih ada, kalau Allah swt mengizinkan. Kalau tak mampu senyum esok, mungkin lusa. Kalau bukan lusa, mungkin minggu depan? Mungkin bulan depan? Mungkin tahun depan? Takpe, time is essential in wound healing. That's sunnatullah. :) anyway.

4) Life is a learning process. The more you know, the more you realize you don't know. It's ok. You are officially a paid student. (wait...I was a paid student too. Owh whatever)

5) Adni is gorgeous. And so are you.

6) Accept yourself for whoever you are. It's hard when people couldn't accept you, but it's harder when you can't accept yourself. Don't forget to LOVE yourself.

7) Just remember, it's hard to live in in this world happily if you can't be grateful.

8) Terengganu. The people here is humble. The people here is humble. (Most of them,right?)

9) Selalu bersangka baik dengan Allah swt :)

10) Leave your heart open, as always.

11) Jangan lupa memandang akaun akhirat setiap hari. (Sobs..)

Sekian. Wassalam :)